Art Basel Ramen

Art Basel Ramen

So here am at Art Basel 2013. This is the biggest art fair in the world where all the best galleries in the world come to trade. You see some of the wealthiest of the world running around in this place with their botoxed face buying and selling all sorts of art.

But it’s not just buyers and sellers who come here. Some of the best critics of art also visit here to experience new and exciting art.

I found a Ramen restaurant in the middle of the venue and I had to try this place as a Ramen critic.

So how is it like?

First of all they offer 3 type of stock. Soy, Miso and Shio (salt). Ok this is usually a bad start. As you know good ramen joint focus just on one.

Soup 2/5
It’s not so bad, good bonito taste.

Noodle. 1/5
It’s just too soft and has no springy-ness. It’s similar to those frozen noodle made you can buy at industrial super market.

Topping 1/5
Raw radish and carrot is quite creative, but nah.. it doesn’t work.

Price 1/5
I know Switzerland is not the cheapest place to eat but 18.50 CHF (About 16Euro) for the cheapest Ramen is not cool.

You might get best art in Basel but not Ramen. It’s great to see Ramen culture expanding outside of Anglo-American sphere though. Soon it will be popular like Sushi I think.. But it’s a shame some of the richest and tasteful people in the world are experiencing terrible Ramen in Basel. Yes this place would go bankrupt in Japan.


1 / 5 stars