Kanada-ya review update

Kanada-ya review update

At the moment Kanada-Ya is holding No.1 place for London Ramen with 5/5 rating. I wanted to revisit this place to see how they are holding up its place. There was a bit of a queue, we waited about 5 minutes on Saturday 2PM. It is acceptable.
I order standard Tonkotsu Ramen as usual. (always go with their forte)

Noodle 4/5
I ordered Kata men (hard), as usual.
It has springy-ness (koshi) not too watery, not too hard. Fine.
I ordered Kaedama (extra noodle) it arrived i 53 seconds. Amazing!

Soup 5/5
Classic Kanada-ya stock (slightly snack like)
Milky Tonkotsu with right amount of stock. Not oily. Not too smelly. (Personally it would be ok to have a bit more Tonkotsu stock and smell)
Topping 3/5
They sit neatly and pork is just the right amount. I find them a bit too fatty but 2-3 thin slices is ok. It would imagine Chasyu Ramen (with extra portk) would be a bit too much..
I also ordered egg as extra. It had soy flavoured injected in to the yoke. It arrived cold. I would preferred at least room temperature.

Service 4/5
Waitress was quick and served us water straight away. All seemed fine.

Price 4/5
It was £10.00. Standard but not the chepest

Overall 5/5
Kanada-ka still holds the title.
Kanda-ya would not go bankrupt in Japan.


64 St Giles High Street
London WC2H 8LE
Monday to Saturday 12pm-3pm and 5pm-10pm


5 / 5 stars     

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