Makoto Berlin – Shoyu Ramen

Makoto Berlin – Shoyu Ramen

I go to Berlin few times a year and whenever I am in Berlin, I go to Makoto. Makoto is conveniently located in fashionable Mitte (nowadays it’s changing so fast), next to very good Italian restaurant Madchen Italiana (reservation necessary) on Alte Schonhauser Strasse. There are two main Ramen joints in close proximity, this Makoto and Cocolo (not to be confused with Cocoro in London).

Japanese composer and musician Ryuichi Sakamoto also frequent this place when he is in Berlin I hear.

So this time I went in lunch time and ordered Shoyu (Soy) Ramen with Kimchi and rice.

Makoto Berlin - Shoyu

Makoto Berlin – Shoyu

Noodle: 3/5
It’s ok nothing to complain but nothing to write home about.

Soup: 4/5
Nice soy base with slightly strong bonito base. I like.

Atmosphere 3/5
They seems to have new staff every time I visit. May be they employ a lot of young Japanese Working-Holiday scheme workers. Hat off to them that they have to speak Japanese, German and English though..!

It was just ok, port and spring onion. simple but ok.

Price: 4/5
Berlin is relatively cheap compared to London so may be it is not so cheap for Berlin, but 7.50 lunch combo is a good deal.

Other: 2/5
I must say rice was terrible! it was try and not tasty at all. What kind of Japanese rice are they serving! My friend ordered Katsu-Don. Due to shite rice, it was not very edible.
Kimchi was ok, a bit too sweet for my taste but it was definitely not pre-made, they made it in the kitchen.

Overall: 3/5
This place still is the better choice compared to Cocolo on Gormannstr. Somehow Ramen here was better few years ago though.. I went here with my farther and he said this place was alright. Now I am not sure. Have they stopped improving due to superiority over Cocolo with its stock? I don’t know. I would like to see them improve their Ramen. Never stagnate.
If this place was in Japan, this place would be on the verge of bankruptcy, but there is still hope if they keep improving and practising Ramen making.
Alte Schönhauser Straße 13, 10119 Mitte,

Overall rating: 


3 / 5 stars