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Makoto Berlin – Shoyu Ramen

Makoto Berlin – Shoyu RamenI go to Berlin few times a year and whenever I am in Berlin, I go to Makoto. Makoto is conveniently located in fashionable Mitte (nowadays it’s changing so fast), next to very good Italian restaurant Madchen Italiana (reservation necessary) on Alte Schonhauser Strasse. There are two main Ramen joints in close proximity, this Makoto and Cocolo (not to... Read More »

Ramen Do Auckland – Shoyu

Ramen Do Auckland – ShoyuShoyu Ramen is not about having lux topping or adding exotic flavours. (like adding lobster on top or making Tom Yam version) It’s about simplicity. There should be coherent narrative between Soup, Noodle and topping. Like moving from one story to another in a film, transition is as important as movie scene it self. I... Read More »

Ramen Ittenbari

Ramen IttenbariRamen Ittenbari on Brewer st. Soup 2/5 A bit bland. I can sense some MSG or alike. Noodle 2/5 I checked out where they buy their noodles from. Label on the container suggests it comes from Chinese noodle factory in UK. Service 2/5 Customer next to me was asking the waiter what Gyoza skin was... Read More »

Ramen Takara Auckland – Shoyu

Ramen Takara Auckland – ShoyuRamen Takara, Brownsbay Auckland So we drove outside central Auckland to try this Ramen joint. I have been hearing good rumours.I ordered Shoyu Ramen which is their main flavour. I asked for Chashu (pork) on the side so that I can taste pure broth to start off with. REMEMBER! – Always order their main flavour which... Read More »