Ramen Ittenbari

Ramen Ittenbari

Ramen Ittenbari on Brewer st.

Soup 2/5
A bit bland. I can sense some MSG or alike.

Noodle 2/5
I checked out where they buy their noodles from. Label on the container suggests it comes from Chinese noodle factory in UK.

Service 2/5
Customer next to me was asking the waiter what Gyoza skin was made from in English. He couldn’t answer and 2nd waiter also didn’t know.
It’s flour! Basic knowledge!

Price 2/5
£8.80 and didn’t make me full.

It’s not so clean inside, this is a Raman restaurant but they serve everything from Curry to Sushi. No attention to details and poor waiter training.
Only go when desperate. Although they claim to be a sister restaurant to one in Japan, they didn’t fully transfer the skills and knowledge. If they serve this ramen in Japan, I think they would go bankrupt.

— at 麺屋 一点張 Ittenbari Japanese Fine Ramen and Sushi Bar.

Overall rating

2 / 5 stars     

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