Bone Daddies – Tonkotsu Ramen

Bone Daddies – Tonkotsu Ramen

Tonkotsu Ramen

I went to this trendy looking Ramen joint in Soho for the first time. It looks more like an American Dinner than traditional Ramen place, and menu is also quite non traditional with items like T-22 Ramen.

What the hell, I am open to new kind of Ramen and international flavours as long as they tastes good!

So I went and tried Tonkotsu Ramen. I know it’s not the easiest Ramen to get it right compared to Shoyu (Soy) or Miso but I wanted to test if they can do it..

Soup 2/5
Soup was very low in volume, and not so hot. This was seen for every noodle served there. Soup is thick, high in viscosity. It makes me wonder if they are using some concentrated paste stock and adding water??

My friend ordered Soy Ramen. His stock tasted better than mine.

Noodle 2/5
A bit dry and too soft.. Nothing special..

Topping 4/5
Egg tasted really good and Chyashu (pork) was about average.

Price 2/5
£11 for this Tonkotsu + 12.5% service charge is too expensive.

Atmosphere 3/5
Nice and cheerful interior. Waitress was mostly Europeans and they were nice.

They have spent energy on look and feel and branding of the place more than Ramen itself.

Need to improvement their soup significantly.

This place would go bankrupt in Japan. But may be if they keep their cute staff they might survive in Japan..

Boen Daddies
31 Peter St  London W1F 0AR
020 7287 8581


2 / 5 stars     

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