Hakataya / Tan’s- Edinburgh

Hakataya / Tan’s- Edinburgh

I was up in Edinburgh for visiting a perfumer working on a collaboration project together. I asked few people what the best Ramen is and people told me Tan’s or Hakata Ya. So I tried both.

So I started with Tan’s

Tans – Tonkotsu
Soup – Too cold and bit smelly (of bones) and too salty. The taste is in the right direction but lacks a punch. 2/5
Noodle – Not bad texture but lacks springy-ness (koshi) 3/5
Topping – Pork is ok. Egg was cold, which I didn’t enjoy. 2/5
Price 2/5 – £12.50 is too expensive for this. Especially outside London where things are a bit cheaper.
Overall 2/5

PS. I went back to get some lunch on my last day and had chicken Katsu curry. Katsu was very dry and think and curry source was so small in relation to rice. I was served by a surly Eastern European lady who wanted to kick me out as soon as possible as she wanted to close the restaurant for her break. She charged me 70p for using debit card for this £12.50 shit curry.

(Don’t go to Tan’s! Read below and try Hakata ya)

Hakataya – Yokohama Ramen

Hakata is an old name for Fukuoka where I was born. I grew up eating Hakata Ramen every week with my friends after school on Saturdays..  So it was very pleasant to find a Ramen joint with the name of my city!
Hakata is located in a dark stone built side street, reminiscent of 18th century Scotland. I can imagine an old Scotsman tumbling down this street after few too many Scotch whiskey!

I met up with a friend there and he told me this place is actually owned by Tan’s. I had already tried Tonkotsu from Tan’s so I decided to try something else. I tried Yokohama Ramen.


Surprisingly it was much better than Tan’s. It was Tonkotsu base with more soy and Dashi flavour. It was not cold like at Tan’s. 4/5

I imagine it same as Tan’s. It’s nice texture but could be slightly more springy. 3/5

Topping 3/5

Service 5/5
There was a nice Japanese lady who served us. She gave us the dinner menu for lunch price £8.50 for Ramen.
Also I must note when I ordered Kaedama (extra noodle) It arrived in 45seconds. It’s a UK record!

Overall 3.5/5

Hakata Ramen has come so far as Edinburgh and I can’t believe it! It may not be the best Ramen but I am excited that Ramen from my home town is getting popularity everywhere. If you are in Edinburgh try Hakata Ya!


120-122 Rose Street South Lane, Edinburgh EH2 4BB
0131 629 3320

3 / 5 stars     

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