Monohon Popup2 – Shoyu Tonkotsu

Monohon Popup2 – Shoyu Tonkotsu

I was feeling a bit slow after a meditation retreat but I was really looking forward to going back to this second round of Monohon Pop up at Toconoco cafe by the Regents Canal!

This time, I ordered Shoyu Tonkotsu Ramen, which I thought was a bit fishy last time. My friends ordered Shio Tonkotsu.


Soup 4/5
This was a great improvement. There was enough soup and it was hot. It was closer to the soup I tried at his house before he set off to launch the pop up. Nice Dashi/Tare. A bit too salty and I personally prefer lower viscosity but it certainly fills you up.
I personally want more bone taste, Hakata grunt..


Noodles 4/5
Great Hosomen, nice texture with springy-ness.. I had Katamen (hard) first, and 2nd time around Bari-Kata (extra hard) for the Kaedama (extra noodles). Bari-Kata was like Katamen, in another words, Katamen was not hard enough..


Toppings 3/5
Nice tasty eggs.
Chyasu (pork) – a bit too fatty and heavy for me, especially when the soup is already quite heavy.
I don’t want to be pleased by toppings too much, I am a purist, soup and noodles..
But then again I know people in London love these things like fatty pork and pork buns,… (go to china town for pork buns man…)


Overall 4/5
Much much better than the Shio I ordered last time!
I think Monohon is ready to go with this Shoyu Tonkotsu!


Monohon (not officially open yet)

4 / 5 stars     

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