Tonkotsu Mare Street

Tonkotsu Mare Street

Finally, a Ramen joint has come to my neighbourhood.. It’s a gentrification thing..
I knew Tonkotsu opened up a new place around the corner but I didn’t go for a while, as I have been to Tonkotsu East and it hasn’t been the best experience.

So I walked 3 mins to this new place in the middle of Mare St arcade, by Hackney Central station.. Time has changed, I have been living here for 6 years and when I first moved here this area was full of junkies..

Upon arrival, the restaurant looks so new and modern. Swanky.. It’s strange to go into this new place in this area of Hackney.. I sat at the counter, though the tables at the back looked nice and comfortable. There were many people eating there on Saturday nigh.. They seem to be doing ok! I ordered straight up – Tonkotsu ramen.

It came within 5 minutes and I started eating..

Soup 4/5
It’s still a bit colder than I like it to be but the taste has improved. A bit stronger and has richness, and punch. It is not a complete Tonkotsu like Kanadaya, it has soy taste.. tad too salty but good stock.
The texture of the soup has slight floury feel. I am more used to thinner creamy white Hakata broth but this is still good..


Noodle 4/5
Again it feels a bit improved from what I ate at Tonkotsu East. It has nice texture and springy-ness.

Topping 3/5

Personally I am not a big fan of their fatty Chyasyu (pork) I prefer simpler and thinner (stingy original Hakata style). Egg is good but again, it has too much richness. I prefer simpler topping. I like a ramen that tries to fight with soup and noodle, not toppings.

Atmosphere 2/5
The place is super slick and nice and modern.. But let’s not forget this street was the centre of the riots in 2011. (
Waitress is from southern Europe, and we have Tom Dixon lamps at the bar..
I sense Neo-liberal Ramen culture creeping into this part of London..

Price 3/5
£12.38 including 12.5% service charge. It’s what it is, but I would prefer sub 10 ramen..

Overall 4/5
It is an improvement, coming from Tonkotsu Mare St!

Now that they have improved their taste, these guys would not go bankrupt even if they were in Japan. (if they cut the price more than half)


Tonkotsu Mare St.
382 Mare Street, London E8 1HR

4 / 5 stars     

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