Kanadaya London

Kanadaya LondonI heard a rumour that Ippudo London is opening in October and their twitter account was saying something about half price so I assumed it’s already open and I went to pay a visit. Unfortunately it was quite clear that they are still under preparation for the opening. Then across the road I saw people... Read More »

Bone Daddies – Tonkotsu Ramen

Bone Daddies – Tonkotsu RamenTonkotsu Ramen I went to this trendy looking Ramen joint in Soho for the first time. It looks more like an American Dinner than traditional Ramen place, and menu is also quite non traditional with items like T-22 Ramen. What the hell, I am open to new kind of Ramen and international flavours as long... Read More »

Shoryu – Tonkotsu

Shoryu – TonkotsuNew Ramen joint in Piccadilly, Shyoryu Ramen. Hakata Ramen   Noodle 3/5 Soup 4/5 Service 2/5 Price 3/5 £8   Overall it is a good ramen considering it is in London. It holds up to the name of Hakata ramen when often most of Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen outside Japan fails to live up to its name. (I... Read More »

Nagomi – Nagomi Tonkotsu Ramen

Nagomi – Nagomi Tonkotsu RamenNagomi Tonkotsu Ramen Nagomi is a small Japanese restaurant in a very convenient location by Bond street and Oxford street, in the centre of shopping area. They have range of items on the menu from Sushi to Izakaya style small dishes (like tapas). It caters for dinning occasion as well as drinking over many plates... Read More »

Cocoro – Tonkotsu Lobster Ramen

Cocoro – Tonkotsu Lobster RamenTonkotsu Lobster Ramen Cocoro restaurant in Marylebone has a new place by The British Museum in Bloomsbury. They serve reasonably priced food during the lunch time as well as for dinner, but at night they turn into more Izakaya style (Japanese Tapas?) food.Inside quite extensive menu selection, there was a section for Ramen. Usually when... Read More »

Tonkotsu East – Tonkotsu Ramen

Tonkotsu East – Tonkotsu RamenPrice: £11 + 12.5% service charges So I heard Tonkotsu Ramen on Dean st. in Soho has opened up a new venue in Haggerston. I have been the one in Soho and well, I wasn’t so impressed but this is a first Ramen place to open near my neighbourhood so I had to give it... Read More »

Ippudo NYC

Ippudo NYC  Ordered – Shiro-maru (White circle) Style – Hakata / Tonkotsu I remember when Ippudo first opened in Fukuoka, next to my uncle’s shop in Tenjin about 20 years ago. It was this new kind of Hakata Ramen joint that approached Ramen business differently from the usual and older traditional joints run by one Ramen master.... Read More »

Tonkotsu Soho – Tonkotsu Ramen

Tonkotsu Soho – Tonkotsu RamenTonkotsu Ramen I have tried this place before but I went back again to see how they are doing. As you know I am from Hakata (Fukuoka) so, I grew up eating Tonkotsu Ramen with friends after school every week. Tonkotsu is one of the harder Ramen to get the stock right. I ordered Tonkotsu,... Read More »

Ramen Ittenbari

Ramen IttenbariRamen Ittenbari on Brewer st. Soup 2/5 A bit bland. I can sense some MSG or alike. Noodle 2/5 I checked out where they buy their noodles from. Label on the container suggests it comes from Chinese noodle factory in UK. Service 2/5 Customer next to me was asking the waiter what Gyoza skin was... Read More »

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