Critical review of ramen by a Japanese artist living in London.

Nanban Brixton

Nanban BrixtonMy Japanese chef friend told me that there is another new Ramen restaurant in Brixton (I tried Okan and Koi in Brixton) and pictures she sent me looked pretty good so I decided to visit there for Sunday lunch… Brixton on sunny early afternoon was hustling and bustling with energy with pre-Xmas? shoppers? Well it’s always... Read More »

Yamagoya London

Yamagoya LondonI was out with a friend visiting a fantastic video art exhibition called Infinite Mix organised by South Bank Centre on 180 The Strand on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Friends left, and I was a bit hungry so I walked to CHiatown to this new Ramen joint which I heard from a friend. Apparently it’s a new... Read More »

Ramen-ya Hiro Barcelona

Ramen-ya Hiro BarcelonaSo once again I was in Barcelona. This time I decided to try one of the originator of Ramen boom in Barcelona. I wanted to visit Ramen Hiro around 7PM but they were closed till 2030, in Spanish late dinner style. So I killed some time at a cafe then I arrived there on the... Read More »

Naritake Paris

Naritake ParisI visited Naritake on this hot sunny Sunday in July. France was in the finals of Euro 2016 football championship and the city was in high energy getting ready for the match. I had few hours before catching the Eurostar back to London so I visited Nariatake, which is rumoured to be one of the... Read More »

Koi Ramen Bar Brixton

Koi Ramen Bar BrixtonSaturday morning.. I got a call from a friend and he asked me if I wanted to go to a music festival at Broxwell Park near Brixton. Super spontaneous decision but I was urged to go and see DJ’s like Derrick May (whom I first saw 20 years ago as a youngster) and Theo Parrish. I... Read More »

Ramen Break Porto

Ramen Break Porto Above – “Gentleman gazing in” With the current trends of Ramen taking over the world by storm, a Ramen joint has also arrived in a city of Porto in Portugal. Rumour was that this restaurant was opened by by some people from Spain and I was fortunate enough to try this newly opened restaurant on its... Read More »

Monohon Popup2 – Shoyu Tonkotsu

Monohon Popup2 – Shoyu TonkotsuI was feeling a bit slow after a meditation retreat but I was really looking forward to going back to this second round of Monohon Pop up at Toconoco cafe by the Regents Canal! This time, I ordered Shoyu Tonkotsu Ramen, which I thought was a bit fishy last time. My friends ordered Shio Tonkotsu.   Soup 4/5 This... Read More »

Muga – Tonkotsu Ramen

Muga – Tonkotsu RamenTonkotsu Ramen Another new Ramen spot in central London, Muga is just near where old Japan Centre used to be, very close to original Shoryu. I saw an advert on a Japanese magazine and decided to give it a try. I visited around 12 o’clock and place already had few people in. Seems quite popular..... Read More »

Tonkotsu Mare Street

Tonkotsu Mare StreetFinally, a Ramen joint has come to my neighbourhood.. It’s a gentrification thing.. I knew Tonkotsu opened up a new place around the corner but I didn’t go for a while, as I have been to Tonkotsu East and it hasn’t been the best experience. So I walked 3 mins to this new place in the... Read More »

Monohon Popup – Shio Tonkotsu

Monohon Popup – Shio TonkotsuThrough a friend of mine, I have been asked to test out ramen noodles for a new restaurant that will open later this year. I have been visiting this very enthusiastic ramen chef’s house to give my opinions.. They have been working hard towards the launch and they have super cute logo and very nice name –... Read More »